A Life Wonderfully Lived Deserves To Be Wonderfully Celebrated.


The Families of Professor David Adedayo Ijalaye and the Sunmonu Arobos invite you to join a funeral live stream event on Friday July 31st 2020, as we celebrate the transition to glory of our beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.


May her tireless and loving soul rest in perfect peace.

(6th Dec 1928 – 25th March 2020).


Order of Events:

Christian Wake

Time : 5:00pm.

Date: Thursday, 30th July 2020

Funeral Service

Time : 11:00am – Interment follows immediately after.

Date: Friday, 31st July 2020



Iya ni wura!!. Iya ni

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 1

Iya ni wura!!. Iya ni alabaro! Orisa bi Iya kosi, Sweet Ma’ma!!! Rest in total peace. We love you but Almighty God loves you more. Love Always Tony & Yele 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Tony & Yele

My Mama! Memories of you,

My Mama! Memories of you, your strength, your poise, your grace, your kindness – mixed with a good dose of discipline – are forever etched on my mind! I cannot possibly put into words how much of who I have become in adulthood was molded by having you as a constant part of my life literally from birth!
Of the many First Foundation memories that come to mind, how you calmly navigated so many pupils being caught in the crossfire of the Ife/Modaekeke crisis when it suddenly resurged, and how you ensured all of us were safely reunited with our families, is one that stands out the most! The Thoroughbred educator you were ensured that as many as proximity would allow could continue learning, through the crisis, when you turned your garage, and every possible inch of that Road 9A yard, into a learning hub!
Thank you for the ride to school everyday for as long as I can remember! Thank you for the timeless lessons of feminine grace and love that you taught me! Thank you for the early morning prayers you shared with our family on every significant occasion – and with me on every phone call! Thank you for all the Christmas envelopes!🙂 Thank you for the avocados!!! Someone recently told me she has never had/liked avocado – I told her it is because she did not have a Mama Ija in her life growing up😊
I am a tad bit sad you did not stay with us long enough to witness MY event but remain thankful to God for the full life you lived. Sleep well Mama!❤

Moyo Kemi-Rotimi

Good night beautiful mummy. RIP

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 2

Good night beautiful mummy. RIP

Lola Aladetuyi

Mama Ijalaye loved all of

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 3

Mama Ijalaye loved all of us at First Foundation like her own kids and grandkids. That did not stop her from administering discipline as necessary. I’m grateful to have been under her care during those early formative years. Indeed, it was a first foundation. Thank you, Mama. For living your life for us and to the fullest. Rest In Peace.

Opeyemi Awoyemi

Mummy Ijalaye was such a

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 4

Mummy Ijalaye was such a lovely woman. A disciplinarian, yet kind and very loving. She always made me welcome in the Ijalaye home, which was my second home, growing up. Who can forget her ọbẹ̀ ilá (okro soup) with efinrin (wild basil) which smelt divine.

I looked forward to going back to boarding school at the beginning of term, as she would pack cooked food for both me and her eldest daughter Sis Jope. She still referred to me as Toyin Àgbà anytime I spoke to her, as I am a year older than her daughter Toyin. Her work ethic was second to none – her school is a testimony to that and she was respected and well loved by all those who knew her. I learnt she was still driving into her 90s!! Yes, that is the kind of person Mummy Ijalaye was!

Mummy Ijalaye, we will miss you but we take consolation in knowing you are resting with the Lord. Wonderful memories of you live on in our hearts, although you are no longer with us physically.

May God console the family, especially your soul mate and best friend our dear Daddy Ijalaye, your children, grandchildren and the rest of the family and all your loved ones. You lived your life to the fullest, so we give God the Glory and thank Him for a life well spent. Ẹ sùn re o! Ó dìgbà.

Toyin Okunniga

Mama,I am proud to tell

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 5

Mama,I am proud to tell the world today that your hands moulded me to be the man I am today – both with love and disciplinr.I will never forget how my sense of good behaviour always surface at the mere mention of your name.Your endless gift of love will be sorely missed by generations yet unborn.We can only live to tell them that you were the North star that guided many,the hammer and anvil that shaped many destinies.
You will forever be cherished.

Baba Owolabi

Adeola Owolabi

Mama Ijalaiye was a larger-than-life

Mama Ijalaiye was a larger-than-life personality in my primary school days. Her administration of Staff School laid a strong life foundation for many of us. May God comfort the entire Ijalaiye and Sunmonu Families at this time.

Diran Oshobi

Mama Ijalaye was not only

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 6

Mama Ijalaye was not only my headmistress, she was a grandmother and a leader in the church.
Growing up, I encountered Mrs. E. Adejoke Ijalaye everywhere (school, church, home) and the memories are indelible.
You were kind hearted, very special and most of us that you tutored have no regrets at all.
I still remember yourself and Prof. sharing your experiences in marriage with myself and my wife at your residence in parakin, Ile-Ife shortly before our marriage, that was invaluable.
You have lived a very good and fulfilling life and I have no doubts that you are with the saints singing hosanna.
Rest in peace Mama Ijalaye as we all fondly called you.

Opeyemi Opaleye

Mrs Ijalaye was my headmistress

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 7

Mrs Ijalaye was my headmistress in primary school. A bubbly and vibrant disciplinary.
She was beautiful and always had a word for everyone.

God rest her beautiful soul in the bosom of the Almighty 🙏

Laide Anjorin Omotola

Oh mama Ijalaye! I recall

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 8

Oh mama Ijalaye! I recall ever so vividly my first day with you; an ordinary day for you as you navigated your dual role as Headmistress and overseeing the Preschoolers. It was an extraordinary couple of hours for the 8 year old part-year transfer pupil I was then who was in your office to write a paper that would determine whether I would join the Primary 3 or Primary 4 class. I was quick to sense that disciplinarian was your middle name. That remained etched in my being for the 2.5 years I spent at First Foundation.

What resonates more recently with me though is the friendly (your warm smile!) mama Ijalaye, away from the Headmistress profile. Seeing you when I visit my parents in Ile-Ife, whether at church, at your home, at my parents home, at my wedding, I recall a mum who is ever so pleased to have a catch-up with one of her many alumni children. You were always so intrigued as to how much of a close knit the Class of 1995 are as an alumni.

Much love ma. You rest well.
Ebun Edwin (nee Asaolu)

Ebun Asaolu

She was the larger than

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 9

She was the larger than life personae who helped to mold our characters as young pupils. My sense of rights and wrongs were derived more from her teachings and counsels. Even as an adult, some thirty years after our first meeting, I still live by those lessons left. May her soul rest in peace. Asiwaju Temitayo Tijani, First Foundation 95′.

Temitayo Tijani

Mrs Ijalaye made my childhood

Mrs Ijalaye made my childhood a memorable one. I definitely cannot tell my life story without a mention of my fierce, no nonsense headmistress. You shall be missed.
Rasheedah O

Rasheedat Oke

It’s not very often where

Funeral of Lady (Chief) Eunice Adejoke Ijalaye 10

It’s not very often where I find myself at a loss for words. I usually have plenty to say (sometimes too much even!) And, yet, somehow this loss has taken away my ability to speak.
I have a web of emotions going through me and yet, I don’t have the strength to craft them into words. Maybe this is grief?
Rest in perfect peace

Felix F.

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