With Gratitude to our Lord Almighty for His Grace and Mercy, the families of SOLESI and OSIBODU announce the glorious passage unto eternity of our most beloved and precious Jewel of Inestimable Value, Wife, Mother, Grand Mother, Sister and Aunty


Who peacefully slept in our Lord Jesus on Thursday 6th August 2020.

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Service of Songs

Time : 5:00pm.

Date: Monday, 17th August 2020

Christian Wake Keep

Time : 5:00pm.

Date: Thursday, 20th August 2020

Church Service

Time : 11:00am – Interment .

Date: Friday, 21st August 2020



Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 13

There is only one “ye uru “. As we all know , mama had a nickname for everyone. Our mum’s nickname for her was the above. Our doctor, Mrs Funmi Adeyanju, when little , used to follow her mum everywhere, so you can guess her nickname as well. Apologies Fumilayo.
My recollection of mama was of a very disciplined woman, as many people have attested to. She was also very hard working and did the best for her family. She loved a good conversation as well. We often wondered how she and our mum had so much to talk about. Being neighbours in Ilupeju in the 70s,it was not uncommon for our mum to go to their house and mama to see her off almost back to our’s , only for our mum to return the favour by seeing her almost back to her’s again, all the while chatting incessantly in Ijebu
Mama also had a great sense of humour, always delivering some funny line in Ijebu. It was always in Ijebu.
Our sadness in mama’s transition should be short, as she has lived a good and full life and is now in a better place.

Olufemi Onabiyi
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 14

Mama was great in life. She was mother to all, ready to entertain her children’s friends, and advise us with a smile. We’ll miss her a lot. But our thoughts are with grandpa, that God would renew his strength now that his betrothed has left. May God be with the entire family, and keep blessing the Solesi empire. Adieu, mama.

Peter Kunle Olumade
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 15

Mama was an exemplary woman, very selfless and full of genuine love for all. The Adeyanju family to which her daughter- Dr. Olufunmilayo Olajumoke nee Solesi married will forever cherish her memory – very pleasant, touching and beautiful.. May the Lord uphold Papa and renew his grace to press forward in good health and peace of mind. To all her children, may the Lord grant you the fortitude to bear the loss and recover from this in giant strides doing great exploits in life until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Edward Adeyanju.

Edward Adeyanju
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 16

Dear Sister, the announcement of your demise came to me as a rude shock, like a dream, but who are we to question the will of God? We thank God for your exemplary life of a very good wife and caring mother to your family and your extended family. You were God fearing and very dedicated to the vineyard of God. Your sincerity,jovial dispensation, humility and simplicity is a legacy you left for us.
Going back down memory lane, I always remember our youth happy days, get together during the holidays at Itunwaye, our family house at Borisade compound which was usually very exciting.
You displayed leadership by example. You were a dedicated wife” Iyawo rere ni odede oko re”
We thank God for your talent in educating children.
Sister, we love you but Jesus loves u more. Continue to rest in the boss on of the Lord.
We shall miss you dearly.
Omo Labeji, Omo Lisa Baraogo, Ara E Eguduagba, Omo Iwaye Oba
Sunre, Sunre, Sunreo.

Mrs Bose Fujamade(Nee Borisade)

Mrs Bose Fujamade
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 17

A dear and loving mother of all you are to so many including me
I thank God for your life and the fact that you lived a life worthy of emulation.
Mummy is a woman of faith, fearless and always with encouraging words in the face of difficulties. I thank God that I met you through your daughter and my dear darling friend Funmi Adeyanju.
You live on in our heart though absent in this world of sin.

Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 18

I wasn’t opportuned to meet Mama in her lifetime but the amiable disposition of one of her products, Kolapo Solesi provides an insight to God-fearing lifestyle of Mama. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Adieu Mama

Runmonkun, Muyideen Bolaji
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 19

Mummy, It’s sad to hear the news of your passing. We thank God for a life of goodness you lived as confirmed by different testimonies. So sad we could not be there physically to celebrate you but we are there in spirit. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet again. Rest In Peace Mummy.

Adeola Kosoko (Onajobi)
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 20

Hmmm!!!! Imagination can never replace the footprint of Ìyà Solesi.
She lived a life well suitable for posterity reference.
My special salutation (Uncle Agbas) from you keeps ringing and bringing your aura.
As you embark on your eternal voyage, May the good Lord compensate your sweet soul with HIS eternal life.
Good night our Beloved.
Yours Sincerely
Uncle Agbas
For The Ayodeji-Agbabiakas

Olaniyi Ayodeji Agbabiaka
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 21

We all will sincerely pray to God that He relieves you and your family of this unbearable pain. May the Solesis find peace in the warmth of love and friendship that surrounds you.


Valentine Karo Ejomarie

“The memory of the just, of the one who lived with integrity is blessed and brings joy.” – Proverbs 10:7

The news of my mum’s older sister Anutie Clementine who assumed the role of our second mum during my childhood years transitioning to glory came with mixed feelings. One of shock that she was no longer here with us in person and two of comfort knowing she was at rest and now at peace with her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

My Anutie Clementine who we called using these aliases ‘Mummy Ilupeju, Mama Yetunde, or Mama So’. fondly called me ‘Mofesi’ as she somehow had a way of giving people unique nicknames that somewhat stuck with the person ☺️ Mummy Ilupeju was no doubt a strict, no nonsense auntie who at every opportunity she got instilled discipline and the tenets of hard work in us through the duties she gave us.

I am grateful for the memories that I got to share with my Anutie though she was a stickler for discipline yet she had a good sense of humour. Growing up, I remember her as a sharp-witted and meticulous business woman who by observation I learnt from her basic accounting skills of stock taking and book keeping. Everything taken from the shop either by her children or family member must be paid for, no one was exempted!

I remember now with a smile on my face how she will hold in her hands the sales book and have either myself, Femi Solesi or my big brother Yomi Osinuga set aside one by one the empty bottles of soft drinks that were recorded as sold. And you can be sure that for any bottle missing, ‘Mama So’ would send us immediately to go collect the missing bottles from whoever it was sold to 😁her account must balance!

I also remember how she would have us children retire to bed very early ahead of the 9pm NTA news. I will never forget the times she would have me or Femi Solesi stand in front of her and require us to recite the time tables several times until we knew it by heart. And of course I remember the occasional ‘special times’ where she would invite us to eat with her. So many memories of ‘Mama Yetunde’ and Ilupeju ingrained in my memory that I surely will never forget.

Mummy Ilupeju was indeed a mother to many as she opened up the doors of her home to them. She truly epitomised the Proverbs 31 woman and I am really thankful to God for the blessed, well lived, and long fruitful life ( 82 + years) that the Lord gave her the privilege to spend with her dear beloved family, her extended family, friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances here on earth. Our dear and beloved auntie, wife, mother, sister, and grandma has finished her race and now at peace.

We miss you dearly Auntie Clementine, continue to rest on in the bosom of your Maker, till we see to part no more in Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏽

Busola Adun ( niece)
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 22

I speak on behalf of my brothers and family, we the children of Sir Amos and Lady Funmilayo Osidele. We commiserate with Daddy, Sir Solesi and children on the passing of mummy.
Mummy was a caring and loving person. She loved the Lord and took things of God most seriously. I pray that her salvation in Christ has placed her at the bosom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Rest well mummy. We love you but God loves you more.

In Christ,
Mrs. Olaitan Ojuroye

Olaitan Ojuroye
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 23

Thanks God for for her life
Her life was a perfect definition of a good mother.
May her soul continue to R.I.P

Adeeko Olumayowa


Rita Obidike
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 24

Thanking God for a life well lived.
Thanking God for strength and grace to bear this loss at this time for the Solesis. God will comfort you all. The Balm of Gilead will heal your hurt and ease your pain. It is well.

Bambo Sotonwa Adeosun
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 25

Dear Aunty Clementine,
You will be sorely missed, I remember so many funny things about you the nicknames you had for everyone, mine was (eleha ) translation: one who is not allowed out. The school days were very memorable, heaven help anyone who did not make it downstairs by the car before you was ready to go- (I can still hear your favourite slogan -ma surprise ire 🙂 and if you weren’t in the car by then bang goes your lift to school. I can’t forget eating ikokore in your house and that was in the first week of our arrival from the UK, unfortunately, it became my pet hate still is ’til today.
My gosh, you had so many outfits for work and outings in those days you were definitely a fashionista of your time. I guess I could go on and on but I will keep it short and thank God for a life well-lived. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and your beautiful memories live on in our hearts forever until we meet again in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

Sharon Babalola(Niece)
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 26

Never an unkind Word came out of her mouth. A very peaceful woman!

Mrs. Wuraola Jaji
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 27

My dear Auntie

It was an honor and privilege to have had a relationship with you. Thank you for being you. Thankful to God for your life. Rest in peace

Bolaji Osibodu Olu
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 28

My dear friend from secondary school, (QUEEN SCHOOL EDE), since 1953 to date has gone to rest. I surely will miss your companionship. You came, you saw, you conquered. You are now free from all earthly worries. I commiserate with your husband D.K. ,your children and entire family. God will console & uphold you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Chief Mrs. Fola Bammeke (Bossom friend)

Chief Mrs Fola Bammeke.
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 29

Thank God for mama’s life. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

Cdre Mary Iyabosola Adetola
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 30

On behalf of myself and entire Awolesi’s family in ILISAN REMO I would like to send our condolences to Uncle Kolapo Solesi on the death of his dear Mother Mama Clementine Solesi May her beautiful soul rest in peace amen.
Awolesi Bamidele abdullah

Bamidele abdullah Awolesi
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 31

On 6 August, I received the news that our auntie my mum’s older sister ‘Auntie Clementine’ or ‘Mama Yetunde’ two monikers we fondly used interchangeably had joined the saints triumphant, it felt like very much like a bolt out of the blue because this was coming on the heals of the glorious celebration of her lifetime soul mate 90th landmark birthday on 16 July. Whilst this was one of sadness at my auntie’s loss it is one in which we give glory to God through Christ for a life well spent and indeed one which at almost 83 years is to use a famous sporting parlance ‘good innings’!

Growing up our Auntie instilled in us a firm sense of discipline and hard work which are the sterling qualities that have remained with me today that I also have imbibed in our children. Years in Ilupeju and Ilisan have provided me with fond memories of my upbringing in which my Auntie had played a very significant role just as she has not only with her children but also with my cousins and other family members. The daily telephone calls from she her office to check up that everything was alright when we stayed in Ilupeju during the school holidays.

My Auntie never suffered fools gladly and one does recall in years gone by when one of us would be left at home during a family outing if one was not ready at the time of departure, after being warned by Auntie several times in the Remo dialect, ‘si ma surprise re’ and many were indeed surprised then when all you saw was the back of her car driving out of the yard! I also do recall that one of Auntie’s nightly habits was to have a glass of her favourite Guinness stout tipple before going to bed.

Having retired after a distinguished career in the Federal Civil Service, Auntie was the enduring pillar behind her sweetheart ‘five and six’ of almost 65 years, Chief (Dr) Sir D.K as well as the Matriarch of the Osibodu family providing sterling and exemplary leadership and offering Solomonic wisdom when approached for advice and counsel. It was a testament to her devout faith in Christ living a disciplined life. My Auntie transition to the glory Christ though irreplaceable we have fond memories and know that her life has been an enduring legacy in our lives.

Our Auntie has indeed fought the good fight, she has finished the race, enduringly kept her faith in Christ and has transited to receive the crown of righteousness in which our God in his righteous shall award to her granting her life eternal and the repose of her blessed soul, Amen. Sun re Omo Kitoyi !

Otunba Oladele Osinuga
Funeral of Lady Clementine Olajumoke Solesi(Nee Osibodu) 32

So sad to hear of your passing Auntie. I remember you fondly and in my primary school days growing up you were my 2nd mum. I remember us all eating yam and palmoil together in the evening. I remember you like to have guiness and coke in the evening . I remember you always being witty . I remember when we get in trouble, you have a phrase you say in Ijebu ”shey ma surprise eh”. . I remember when we visit and if we take a beverage from the shop you will pay for the drink so that the shop account balances up.

You will be missed, thanks for everthing ..thanks for your love, thanks for looking after me, thanks for all you did, thanks for your selfless act. I wish i had said this to you before, now i dont have the opportunity ..
Auntie you are in heaven, a better place and we will all meet together one day. Rest in peace Auntie Clementine, rest in Heaven, will miss you. Buki Akinola (nee Osinuga)

Buki Akinola

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